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China's petroleum and chemical industry artificial intelligence alliance was formally established

As one of the most important core contents of the “2017 (8th) China International Petrochemical Congress” (“CPCIC”), Shanghai Hefu Artificial Intelligence Group, Shanghai Lingang Group, University of Electronic Science and Technology, and the head of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry The department, the "China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Artificial Intelligence Alliance" jointly established by more than 2,000 domestic and foreign oil and chemical giants, was officially announced at the conference. At the same time, the Alliance Work Leading Group was established, and the list of leading group members was announced on the spot. Chairman Li Shousheng personally served as the team leader, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shanghai Hefu Artificial Intelligence Technology Group Zhou Jinyi served as the deputy leader. A number of key department heads and key business leaders in the petroleum and chemical industry have held other positions within the leadership team.

Founded in 2010, China International Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference is the international petrochemical industry event with the highest specifications, the highest degree of internationalization and the richest content in China's petrochemical industry. It is also one of the five major brand conferences in the world petrochemical industry. .

CPCIC 2017 has received positive responses from all chemical powers and regional organizations and leading companies in the United States, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, etc., including the United Nations Environment Program, the United Nations Industrial Development Agency, the International Chemical Safety and Security Center, and the American Chemistry Council. International organizations such as the US Green Building Council, the Indian Green Certification Association, Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, the European Chemical Industry Council, and the International Fertilizer Industry Association sent representatives to attend the conference.

More than 2,000 representatives of petrochemical giants from around the world attended the conference, including more than 50 of the world's top 500 oil and chemical companies, such as DuPont, LANXESS, BASF, Clariant, Shell, Celanese, and Shabick The global CEOs and board members of multinational corporations attended the meeting; domestic large-scale central enterprises including Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, China Sinochem, China Chemical and other petroleum and chemical industries, and private enterprises in the chemical industry such as Huaxin Energy actively participated in the conference.

China International Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference has been committed to being an exchange and cooperation platform for inclusive development, bringing together wisdom and insights from governments, enterprises, academic institutions, international organizations and other fields to help strategic thinking and decision-making, thus helping leaders in all fields to become more capable. Cope well with the opportunities and challenges facing the sustainable development of the petrochemical industry.

The alliance aims to gather the strength of all walks of life and further promote artificial intelligence technology to the whole industry, thereby promoting the integration and development of artificial intelligence research and market entities, and achieving multi-faceted cross-industry such as “production, learning, research, use, capital and media”. Strategic cooperation.

Zhou Jinxi said: As a leading enterprise in artificial intelligence enterprises, Hollande is committed to closely integrating the development of traditional industries with the development of information technology, and embarking on a new path of traditional industry not traditional development. The establishment of the artificial intelligence alliance in China's petroleum and chemical industry, as the advocate, leader and promoter of the entire artificial intelligence industry, hopes that more artificial intelligence companies can work together to promote artificial intelligence technology in the petroleum and chemical industries. Popularize artificial intelligence knowledge and innovate artificial intelligence services. The Alliance will adhere to the principle of serving the enterprise, serving the industry, and serving the government, and jointly fostering new kinetic energy to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's petroleum and chemical industries, and jointly undertake the historical mission of green development and ecological civilization.

The purpose of the conference is to build a platform for international exchange and cooperation in the petroleum and chemical industries in China, to promote the international development of China's petroleum and chemical industries, to enhance the international image and international influence of China's petrochemical industry, and to promote the health of China's petroleum industry and regional economy. Continue to develop. The establishment of the artificial intelligence alliance is also hoped that through this platform, we can seek more cooperation and exchanges, set up an artificial intelligence platform for China's petroleum and chemical industries, break the monopoly of cutting-edge technology of fine chemicals for China's petrochemical industry, and change the petrochemical industry. The overall industry structure provides strong support and injects new momentum into the upgrading and transformation of the Chinese petrochemical industry.

As an important highlight of the conference, the conference staged the first scene of “Human-machine-on-the-shoulder” since the 2010 conference. The conference’s robotic ambassador, Kemi and President Li Shousheng, conducted an intelligent dialogue and fully expressed the petrochemical The industry's determination and motivation to implement innovation-driven strategies and achieve intelligent change in the industry.

It is reported that this robot is a multi-functional robot developed by Shanghai Hefu Artificial Intelligence Group. It assists people to complete daily work, and can also gain insight into remote scenes at any time. It can also act as a security guard for environmental monitoring and health monitoring at any time. At the same time, as one of the artificial intelligence solutions in the petroleum and chemical industry, she can conduct daily inspections in high-risk working environments such as high temperature, high pressure and high humidity. Especially in complex and dangerous places that are not suitable for human work, she can gradually replace humans to work.

With the in-depth development of artificial intelligence technology, its capabilities will become more and more powerful, the work content that can be completed will be more and more, the scope of work and the field will become wider and wider. I believe that in the near future, artificial intelligence technology and The artificial intelligence products represented by Kemi will be widely used in various fields such as R&D, production and technological innovation in the petroleum and chemical industries, which will bring new vitality and creativity to the petroleum and chemical industries.


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